We motivate, develop, and nurture the athlete within, through sport:

By creating a culture of warmth and belonging, where athletes of all levels are welcome and supported.     

By leading in relevant sport specific education and ideas, while keeping an open mind to alternative views.     

By listening with respect to one another and treating individuals with value.

By delivering our very best in all we do and holding ourselves accountable for results.      


By creating an environment where everyone’s goals and accomplishments are encouraged, recognized and valued as if they were our own.

Theresa Guise/ MD /Indiana University

"This is the best place to train if you want to amp up your cycling and overall fitness! These classes are the best workout and train you to get comfortable for long stretches in the saddle. After training at Cycle Studio, I logged two 200 mile rides, each over a 24 hours. The 3 hour class on Sundays gave me the strength and discipline to ride strong and smart."

Thanks to Shea, Derek Sitzman and the Tuesday Night Fit Livin’ Crew for allowing a 41 year old to still pursue goals and create memories along the way. The coaching, support and friendships is what I love most about the Cycle Studio. 

Matt Shade

I recently took 1:05 (yes, hour and five minutes!) off my 70.3 bike time at Ironman Kansas. I KNOW that it was because of the time I spent in the saddle with the CS coaches at the studio. Thanks to everyone for the support and coaching! – Chrissy Vasquez

Chrissy Vasquez



Shea Rankin
Laura Aykroyd
Josh Harpe
Ryan Sharpe
Nikki Whipple
Matt Hamilton




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